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Custom Viz Smartsheet

Enhancing Smartsheet

Dashboards With Custom Embeds

BlueTide delivers powerful, feature rich visualizations right within Smart sheet to enhance stellar collaboration and automation Smart sheet offering


Familiar Interface

Continue to use the familiar, robust Smart sheet dashboard interface with its enterprise grade user roles and security

Rich Visualisations

With BlueTide’s Enhanced Viz for Smartsheet®, you get all the power of modern, information rich visuals within Smartsheet itself

Multiple Tools

We can integrate all sorts of visuals from PowerBI and Tableau to custom built complex visuals using the likes of D3js, Apache Echarts, Hicharts, etc.

Cost Effective

No need to build out a separate dashboard in PowerBI or Tableau – for most folks Smartsheet dashboards cover most use case and for the few extras, our cost effective solutions function as an add-on to your Smartsheet environment

Get in Touch

Drop us your details. We’d love to have a chat with you to understand how we can collaborate in building a strong data backbone for your organization.

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