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Investor Lens

The Problem

Data information flows remain disjointed and inefficient – particularly in the startup & midmarket space. Data strategy helps improve information flows and makes real time data available. More importantly, this makes insights and human readable information available to shareholders, investors and lenders.

Traditional data sharing channels which are sadly near ubiquitous in this space, are disjointed and cause delays and poor analysis (Excel, PowerPoint, Email). Realtime information flows direct from the company to the stakeholders drives much better decision making by making actionable information available to investors when they need it

How BlueTide can help

Our solutions build for you seamless, push based and timely information flows at price points that are cost effective and way cheaper than hiring typical consultants to build custom solutions.

Better information means fewer surprises and with our Early Warning Alerts©, you can rest assured you will be alerted before any key disruptions.

We are happy to integrate our solutions with existing products you may already be using such as deal flow, document storage or valuation platforms.

Get in Touch

Drop us your details. We’d love to have a chat with you to understand how we can collaborate in building a strong data backbone for your organization.

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