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NLP/AI Driven Contract Management

We build a contract management system with NLP to extract meta data.

Live Working Demo

Use our demo to test Basic version of contract management NLP workflows.

Steps to Implement in Keyword Sheet;
  1.  Here, enter the keyword in “Keyword Column”  that needs to be referred in order to retrieve date data for the respective allocated column. (Keywords could be like: End date, Start Date, Terminates On, Effective On, etc.)
  2. Then, in the “Column Label” field, enter the column name that refers to the main sheet where the date data is to be allocated.
  3. Save the changes you have made.
  4. Move to the main sheet.


Steps to Implement in Main Sheet;
  1. First, attach your DOCX file in the first column of “Main sheet” rows.
  2. Next in this sheet, tick the “Generate Date” column checkbox next to your attached file’s row to trigger the automation.
  3. Next, save the changes made in the sheet.
  4. Now wait for 30- 60 second then refresh the Main Sheet ( by clicking on three dot on top write of sheet) to see the changes populate in the respective column against the attached file in the row.

NLP-powered Document Extraction from Smartsheet

Our Team at Bluetide Analytics designed webhooks to trigger whenever our client attaches a document in Smartsheet. We then extracted the Sheet ID, Webhook ID and more details in the JSON format to a secure Microsoft Azure Server. After this step, we filter for the Latest Modified Attachment to get the ID for the last document attached in the Smartsheet. Then we apply NLP to find and extract certain values that we require from that document. Finally, we import these values back into Smartsheet.

Other than that, please refer to Case Study for a detailed overview of our contract management solution which has them in this;

  • Intake
  • Approval
  • Accept/Reject/Amend Redline
  • Document Sign
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